Mary Cinque


curated by Chiara Reale

in Sabrina Vitiello “Say no to trash” season

034 oleum

opening april 14th 2016, 6 PM
from april 14thto may 10th 2016
Home&More – via santa Brigida 72, Napoli

“Cult-” was born from the union of two “painting tales”, the “places” and the story “of things.” The title refers to the common root of the terms “cultivation” and “culture”, highlighting the strong bond between the two concepts. Places and objects are respectively the container and the contents in and around where people live, with which people interact continuously modifying them. Respect for the environment, human ability to create things are an expression of civilization, and the identification of harmony between our needs and the world around us, this is culture. Works from “Oleum” series are inspired by the Mediterranean Sea, its flora and the evocative power that vegetation, light, smells and sounds have on people who are born and live by these places. It’s easy to recognize on the rough sheets of baking and recycled chocolate paper, drawn with black enamel, the fragrant myrtle, mastic persevering and gnarled roots of ancient olive trees: common forms in otherwise very distant places remind us that we too, like olive and fruit, are born from the earth, thanks to the power of nature. The message is simple and complex at the same time: we come from the land and, therefore, we must take care of it, as art does with everything on her path.

Chiara Reale | art management

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