Genius Cinque | A tribute to design

Amarelli showroom hosts Mary Cinque “Display” series’ paintings, an investigation of industrial design. “Begun in 2008, when I was living in Milan, as a tribute to the idea that Milan is the italian “design capital – as the artist puts it – actually [the paintings] are (the series is a work in progress) a tribute to human being and his ability to imagine, create, build with his own hands and his own intellect, beautiful, usefuland even dangerous objects. The project’s aim is to remind us that we are capable of anything. I continue paintingt objects whose design boggles me but that I don’t want to possess. In a cathartic attempt to get rid of itch for possession that society imposes on us, I depict them. “

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Reasoning about it with a friend, the writer Rosario Cuomo, the artist began to give form to the parallel series which the two of them have always called “Display of Italy” and about which Cuomo writes: “In 2010, Neil MacGregor, British BBC Radio 4 speaker, launched a challenge in the ether: telling the world history through 100 objects, starting from Hornedjitef mummy, passing by the standard of Ur and ending with the first Islamic credit card. By using radio mass medium he must use the most accurate descriptions to allow at least listeners to try to imagine what he narrated with the power of the vocal cords. Our image based research tries to reverse the British undertaking sensorial terms. We want to narrate a provincial and explosive Italy – fixed, borrowing from André Breton the most precious sum. The French philosopher used this word to define the ability of some objects to unleash powers of association and interpretation. “

In Amarelli showroom, characterized by the beautiful tufa walls, Mary Cinque presents her solo exhibition entitled “Genius Cinque” which offers her tribute to enlightened entrepreneurship that produced, through its brands, the feeling for beauty, functionality, good communication, all the features that have determined the artist choice among thousands of possible subjects. Twenty acrylic and enamel on canvas, which enhance brands and products beauty and genius of contemporary society.

Genius Cinque | A tribute to design

19 November / December 5, 2015

Amarelli showroom- Piazza Vittoria, 6 Naples

opening Thursday, November 19, 6 P. M.

Curated by ResetArt

Art critic and curator Gianni Nappa

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