Il tutto è più della somma delle sue parti

The sixth edition of Expo MCDA opening Saturday, May 28 at 5:00 PM

San Benedetto del Tronto – Palariviera

Il tutto è più della somma delle sue parti (The whole is more than the sum of its parts) curated by Maria Letizia Paiato

Artists:  Matteo Basilé, Sonia Bruni, Roberto Cicchinè, Mary Cinque, Danilo De Mitri, Rocco Dubbini. Claudio Gaetani, Giovanni Gaggia, LIUBA, Stefano W. Pasquini, Roberto Sala, Rita Vitali Rosati,Course of Therapeutic Art Academy of Brera in Milan;

Expo MCDA is becoming more consolidated as a time of cultural and human encounter in the area and get to the end of a season of events organized in order to communicate ideas, energies and different artistic languages. MCDA has been working on three floors flanking and intersect: an artistic, a territorial and a school one. The exhibitions of contemporary art have been the engine tone for this season, these have been joined by the “appointments Arts meet”, the activities related to the school and to the territory, which came to fruition with the plays on the theme I Piceni “in search of our roots”, that tell the boys middle school ancient and compelling story of our land starting from the legend of the woodpecker until you get to the heroic defense carried out by the Piceni against the Romans. Expo MCDA from the very first editions showed what they can offer artistically and culturally Marche, but mostly tried to become a magnet for creativity at the national level and beyond. Essential to the project is the idea to network, to channel energies and insights to grow your territory and make it more alive and vibrant. MCDA has sought to widen their circle once again, putting to some artists who have already participated, others who have brought freshness and vivacity of ideas. The Expo closes on June 26, 2016016titled#02

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