The illusion of Dedalus at Italian Culture Institute in Cologne

The Italian Cultural Institute of Cologne is pleased to present the exhibition The illusion of Dedalo by Mary Cinque, curated by Massimo Bignardi, already proposed to Luigi Di Sarro Contemporary Artistic Documentation Center and will continue for the FRAC Museum of Baronissi.

Young and urban, it would seem to be the two adjectives that at first sight her works suggest. Actually there is much more, as critics Massimo Bignardi and Ada Patrizia Fiorillo reveal and the artist as well as and her biography indicate: childhood suspended between Italy and Ethiopia, and then New York, Philadelphia , Naples, Milan, London. The works of Mary Cinque mention all this and, above all, they testify of a way of being an artist and Italian throughout the world and its many cultures. Whether you walk through the streets of the city, witnessing almost abstract volumes literal fidelity to places, or giving expression to moving people, Mary Cinque always offers us her original, cosmopolitan, and purely Italian, point of view. It is no coincidence, perhaps, that the symbolic image of this exhibition is the human figure, the bleached silhouette of a monument to Garibaldi, in the abstract, concrete background of a modern building.

I am therefore certain that Cologne’s audience will appreciate the exhibition in its complexity and freshness, discovering, along with the technical qualities of the artist, the numerous historical-cultural hyper-determinations in it.

Lucio Izzo

Director of Italian Cultural Institute in Cologne

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