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Mary Cinque/ From A to B

Usually my works don’t have a title, From A to B recalls the search I made on internet, on virtual maps (I love maps!), about trajectories, paths from a base to a destination; it’s about the journey and the places we built to live in.

Many little drawn cardboards portray the city, just like as many pieces of a broken mirror they reflect the infinite nuances of it. Someone will recognize Naples in them, someone New York, there are also Berlin, London, Milan, Portici, Agerola, but this is not important, the important is the image of a social body, the people who live the city contributing to its existence.

In fact, cities are must be considered as living organisms, they are the same and different, we can confuse them or they can be very recognizable. It depends. What does unite a city to another? Which element of the drawing made us discover it’s Milan? And what does this mean? Tell me.

Through the city I think about the relativity of almost everything, about what man does, about the objects. We are different but, in the end, we are the same, human beings, citizens of the world.

What urges me to draw and paint is the certainty that all is important. I fall in love with people, color and alleys, and this is what I portray in my works. Thanks to the city I can summarize all at once (I hate to choose!): objects, landscapes, lines, colors, buildings, signs, fullness, emptiness, sky.

The city, the metropolis, «is not», here I’m borrowing the words ofLife: A User’s Manual of George Perec, «a sum of elements we should first isolate and then analyze, but it’s a whole, a form, a structure: the element doesn’t pre-exist to the whole, it’s neither more immediate nor more ancient, elements don’t determine the whole, it’s the whole that determines the elements».

For this reason FROM A TO B expands itself on the wall, as lava, as a idea, as a organism that wants to live at any cost.