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Mary Cinque X We Hate Pink

One of my drawings for We Hate Pink,
a creative female community. Their goal is to improve gender diversity and shape a dynamic workplace. Their aim is to introduce graduates into the creative industry and help companies to find new rising stars.

Mary Cinque X Imago Mundi

My work for Luciano Benetton Foundation Imago Mundi “Doni”, authors from Campania, curated by Chiara Pirozzi. A cross-section of Campania’s most spontaneous and contemporary creativity.

Mary Cinque X Gix Musella

Gix, among other things, is a tea expert. He has always been ready and far too generous when it came to offering his teas during the many cultural events I organized in Naples. I felt truly honored when he commissioned me his portrait.

Mary Cinque X Afrosartorialism

Afrosartorialism profile picture is a commisioned painting by me entitled "Africa Alle" and inspired by my childhood memories of Addis Ababa ?

My amazing cousin Matteo Cinque and me are making a music video for one of the wonderful artists my dear friend Giuseppe Fontanella produces! Stay tuned for farther updates!