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Francesca Marcaccio Hitzeman/ St Moritz, A winter’s tale

Mary Cinque at Galerie Palü brims with elation. Her visions scintillate on the walls, alive with generosity and spirit. The drawings want to take you everywhere – up with the snow, through the dusk Alps, into space where everything glints in the […]

Federica Marras/ City in istants

From a very long time Mary Cinque is fascinated by the city and its image, and the search for the features the various metropolises can have apparently in common is a very beloved theme by the young artist. The photography […]

Mary Cinque/ From A to B

Usually my works don’t have a title, From A to B recalls the search I made on internet, on virtual maps (I love maps!), about trajectories, paths from a base to a destination; it’s about the journey and the places […]

Pasquale Ruocco/ Mary Cinque’s painting as a urban phenomenon

As always happens, it’s difficult to break the silence of a page, even if it’s a virtual page. I continue to stare at the notes and the images I asked Mary to send me searching for a thought, a road […]

Valentina Rippa/ From a sign to a story

Through a selection of some objects owned by the artist, some desired, and some other found, “Display”revolves around the design world. The exhibition is made up of twenty-five little canvas “20 x 20”, five works “30 x 40”, and one […]

Massimo Bignardi/ The inexpressible of the everyday

For Mary the milling of coloured signs, a thing that illustrates a compositional process that has a sort of affinity with video art animations or the choice to keep the colour in the homogeneity of plans carved out by figural […]

Pasquale Ruocco/ Défense priority of space necessity of time

With very different intentions and solutions, also Mary Cinque’s work wonders about urban landscape, meaning with this the place of the moment that has to be given to the memory of the eye. The painter, born in Castellamare di Stabia, […]

Massimo Bignardi/ Marks of reality

The painting experience that Mary Cinque has been conducting in the last years does not evade the impact with reality. This appears both from the recent small pieces on paper of this exhibition, which derive from a year of determinedly […]

Massimo Sgroi/ No/mads in the city

La nuova percezione della visione dell’uomo contemporaneo ribalta la prospettiva a cui tutti gli esseri viventi erano abituati. La relazione iconologica con l’immagine ci obbliga ad una compresenza di strutture formali spesso mutuate dall’immaginario popolare più che derivanti dalla cultura […]

Massimo Bignardi/ Moving: From Cities to The City

There is something suspect – a particular air – about Mary Cinque’s most recent paintings, like a momentary berthing of her pictorial experience concerned with the city; an air that directs the gaze toward a metaphysical watershed, renewing and being […]

Perceiving the city: painting as a visual storytelling by Ada Patrizia Fiorillo

In the anthology of texts that Francoise Choay realeses in his City. Utopias and reality,a significant collection of writings on urban planning from pre-industrial to industrial society, there is a particular author, Kevin Lynch, whose reflections seem to adapt very […]

Mary Cinque/ Out of Africa

My friend Enrica Picarelli, founder of Afrosartorialism (which, as stated in the site is: “A research project on fashion and streetstyle sartorialism from Africa” As “The African creative industry is booming with fashion and design at the forefront of epochal […]

Mary Cinque/ Just a moment

When I was a postgraduate student at the fine arts academy of Brera (Milan), the fate wanted me to try again with watercolour painting. But what began as a duty, soon turned into an infinite pleasure. I started searching among […]