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Mary Cinque for…

Timpa dei Lupi

After designing the new face of Timpa dei Lupi's extra-virgin olive oil: AAP I went on to create 3 new labels for their olive oils. Based in Southern Italy Timpa dei Lupi is a great, innovative farm

The Mall Luxury Outlet

From 2020 to 2021 I made digital illustrations and animations for The Mall Luxury Outlet Firenze and Sanremo social media account and website.


Limonoro new store front in Sorrento features traditional local baskets used for lemons harvest decorated with drawings I made especially for them, inspired by their limoncello and the many ways one can enjoy it.

Nino & friends - Amalfi Shop

I designed three decorative panels for Nino and Friends shop in Amalfi, inspired by the Amalfi Coast, its landscape and cultural heritage, with a focus on its food traditions, Nino and Friends being specialized in high quality food products


When in London I collaborated with Graphiplus making live portraits at Fendi store in Harrod's for the launch of their new collection and painting a mural at Spring Studios for the French Chamber of Great Britain Luxury Think Tank

Shimeji + Kensington Skincare

I collaborated in 2018 with Shimejis creatives on several art projects for Kengsinton Skincare London, from murals to shop windows displays to
t-shirt designs.

We Hate Pink

On 2 May 2019 I was invited by We hate pink at their first event in London The glass is cracked but not yet broken. Are gender diversity and inclusion in the work at We are social where I documented the entire evening with a live drawing session.

Taverna del Capitano, Nerano

In 2016 Taverna del Capitano, one of the most famous Italian restaurants, was being refurbished and they asked me to paint a series of artworks to be installed in each one of their beautiful rooms. I took inspiration from stunning Marina del Cantone where Taverna del Capitano stands.


Afrosartorialism profile picture is a commisioned painting by me entitled "Africa Alle" and inspired by my childhood memories of Addis Ababa and Ethiopia.


Artbeat invited me to design my own Art Toy, based on their template. I used watercolours to create "Starry", a creature covered in the shapes that I liked the most at the time: stylized waves, stars and lines that all together made a simple yet uplifting pattern.

Vetriera 12

At Vetriera 12 one can find the most precious, elegant, unusual things and I was thrilled when they asked me to hand paint several of their Labeg's bags collections. I created designs inspired by my recollection of Africa, fashion and homages to Magritte C'est si n'est pas une pipe iconic painting.

Liana Marino + Octopus Records

In 2018 I realized, with Matteo Cinque, the music video for Liana Marino's song Ramingo, produced by Giuseppe Fontanella.