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Valentina Rippa/ From a sign to a story

Through a selection of some objects owned by the artist, some desired, and some other found, “Display”revolves around the design world.

The exhibition is made up of twenty-five little canvas “20 x 20”, five works “30 x 40”, and one “70 x 50”, called “Makes”. The “20 x 20” series reproduces on canvas “products” with a engaging packagingthat stand out in the centre of a chromatically clear and bright background. To the fore there is the beautiful side of the design, capable sometimes to give a surrogate of momentary “happiness”. These are works conceived for the Milan “Design Week 2008” and then replaced in Naples in a exhibition space that is conceptually ideal for the proposed theme, a concept store precisely. In the first room the mounting scheme takes shape in a horizontal way, virtually suggesting the idea of a long window-shopping walk.

«I don’t know if I would still buy these things», says the artist, «because now that I’ve drawn them it’s like I already own them: it’s been cathartic… the most important thing is that I’ve shown what I intend for design, beauty, and happiness too: things that are born as ideas and then become matter, and, if properly utilized, they can even give us a bit of happiness».

In the second room, instead, there is the “Makes” series, a series dedicated to the little things found in the cellar, daily use objects with simple shapes and linear profiles. These objects strongly refer to ’70 experiences, for example family picnics or easygoingcampings (with handy old thermoses).

«Every object always keeps a life throb of the person who owned it».

(Marcel Proust)