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Bake it until you make it!


I definitely won’t suffer of area code disease, a kind of illness I read about on my first days in London. Apparently many people don’t live in the borough where they’d love to stay, but I’m among the few lucky ones who are perfectly content with their post code!


On the first day after our moving I went to  have coffee in one of the nearest coffeshops, very early in the morning and  runned into Bake  street, where I had my usual americano with a oat and cranberry  cake.


The place is lovely, with all these yellow frames, and I can’t help but draw the view from the main door. I felt at home, surrounded by the smell of coffee, the gentle lights and a lot of books for the customers. I’ve also found a leaflet about a new gym in the surroundings,  who can ask for anything more!?



Published on 02-Mar-2017
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Bake it until you make it!

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