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On the edge of History


On the edge of History
LAAA 825
La Cienega Av. – Los Angeles

Los Angeles: February 9 -22 , 2019

Curator: Cynthia Penna

This is an exchange show between two different Countries and two cultures.
Our purpose and our aim is to enhance the interchanges , interactions and communication between the participating artists and to promote the knowledge of other cultures, traditions and way of thinking.
We have been authorized to use the photograph of the Senegalese Artist Alun Be as the focal image of the show.

Starting from the historical research of a piece of ancient art or a concept of traditional background of the Country they belong to, artists are invited to talk about their cultural base and about the only element of their cultural heritage that they believe has marked the present culture and will mark also the future.
Select the real emblem, the only deep symbol that is absolutely essential to the culture and tradition of their own country; a talk about heritage and how this heritage could be maintained in the present and in the future of their culture.
Once the artists have selected the object (or the concept), they have to project that specific object (or concept) into the future.
The concept or the object must be expression of contemporary art and, at the same time, they must be envisioned as art pieces in the future.
Create a sort of time-line of the object from the past to the future passing through the present.
The American heritage is not so recent if people go back to the pre-Columbus era and concentrate into the ancestors and primitive people living in that area. Or go back to Indian-American heritage which is huge, deeply rooted in the country and extremely important.
How this piece of heritage has influenced the present and how or what is the perspective for the future.


Mary Cinque
Viviana Rasulo
Giuseppe Salviati
Geppy Pisanelli
Antonella Lucarella

Linda Kunik
Richard Slechta
Maidy Morhous
Stephanie Sydney
Catherine Rouane



Published on 23-Nov-2020
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On the edge of History

Installation view of Mary Cinque artworks for On the edge of History

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