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Movie movie

In occasion of the 11th Day of Contemporary Art sponsored by AMACI association,

La Locanda del Ditirambo and Ditirambo CreativLab (workshop production and promotion of contemporary art) promote two events:

The exhibition “Movie movie”, aimed at promoting and enhancing the screen printing, has on display works by six artists of different generations and expressive language that chose the technique of screen printing as an artistic and evocative medium. Works by Mary Cinque, Carla Ludau, Erminia Mitra, Antonio Picardi, Paolo Puddu and Vincenzo Rusciano.

Presentation of the artist’s book “Menu à la carte” by Lucia Sforza and Antonio Picardi, published by Il filo di Partenope. The publication is a collaboration Lucia Sforza, an illustrator, andAntonio Picardi, a graphic designer, and is inspired by fairy tales related to food.


Published on 18-Oct-2015

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Movie movie


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