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Posts tagged "city"

Massimo Sgroi/ No/mads in the city

La nuova percezione della visione dell’uomo contemporaneo ribalta la prospettiva a cui tutti gli esseri viventi erano abituati. La relazione iconologica con l’immagine ci obbliga ad una compresenza di strutture formali spesso mutuate dall’immaginario popolare più che derivanti dalla cultura […]

Shine like a diamond

Although it’s months that I walk along Quaker Street, only few days ago I noticed this small kebab vendor, called “Diamond Grill”, with its warm, yellow light, in perfect opposition to the cold approaching evening light, nestled between two walls […]


I may have had the writer’s block, but not the artist’s one. More to come. 🙂

…in the orange sun rays…

And the gift of the people who don’t put curtains in the living room

Are we caged birds who just want to sing?

Where an artist is never merely an artist…

Valentine’s day

The cat from “Breakfast at Tiffany’s” greeting us, as soon as we arrive at our new house on 14th february.