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Posts tagged "italian"

Are we caged birds who just want to sing?

Where an artist is never merely an artist…

The artist studio is a room with no walls

I love this kind of things, these chance encounters that are more intense of a planned “coffee”

Strangers, I don’t know you

Drawing at candlelight

A proper British Sunday

Where strangers and museums go hand in hand

Victoria! (and Albert)

Where I (almost) change my mind about ceramics

Diet starts Monday!

Monday, the day of good intentions and resolutions

Birthday girl

That’s me! Today I turn 38 and I gave myself a bunch of “first times” as a gift

The usual (at last!)

Where I find my first London sketchbook

One per day

The waitress took our order and then to my “Where’s the bathroom?” she responded: “In fondo a destra”

What’s the weather like?

You can’t help, there are parents who worry about if you’ve eaten, those who fear that you don’t dress properly and those fixed with weather.